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Chair Yoga

Shuniya Yoga Collective

Relax...Slow Down...   There's Yoga With Vedya

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Shuniya Yoga Collective

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The path of yoga is vast.  I am here to help you find how your yoga journey can best serve you.  Practice yoga with me. Integrate and revitalize the body, heart, mind, and consciousness.

 MONDAYS             4:30-5:30PM

​Class Fee: $10

Kundalini @                   Shuniya Yoga Collective

Yoga for Relaxation


FRIDAYS                Noon--1:00PM

​Class Fee: $10

 Current Class Schedule

         All classes are now Online

THURSDAYS          11:00am-12:00

Class Fee: $10

WEDNESDAYS       4:30-6:00PM

​Class Fee: $15